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1F Lo

One Fellowship Guild Roster

An Everquest guild on Terris-Thule

Here are the members of our guild. The data is collected at two places. Amiral keeps track of players based on who is playing when the officers play and we send him reports on who we see.

The members are supposed to sign up at and create profiles of their characters there. Guildmagic has some really nice displays and it's a great way to see everyone's character.

So, here are some links to web pages with member information

Amiral's List This site does not always come up, so don't be alarmed.
Guild Magic Organized by Main then Alts
Guild Magic Each Character, alphabetical
Guild Magic I took the Guildmagic character list and turned it into quick snapshot of the list as of 11-5-2002. It is sorted by user level.

Last modified by Morromid 18 Oct 2002