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The One Fellowship Charter

We, the founding members of The One Fellowship, do state and declare these precepts for all members of this guild, now and to come. These shall be the Goals of the Guild.

1. Always to magnify the name of The One Fellowship with good deeds, brave actions, quick justice, and fierce wrath.

2. The Fellowship will be for the members, and by the members, for their assistance and greater enjoyment.

3. The One Fellowship exists to increase in power and ability, leading to dominance and un-opposed skill. This goal, however, shall not conflict with any other goals of the guild.

4. The guild exists in some extent, to increase the enjoyment of all adventurers both far and near.
These being stated, we the founders do declare and henceforth define the articles of conduct and membership.


These first articles to follow do define the structure of authority within The One Fellowship, for the clarification of the other articles.
Article #1: The guild leader is the highest ranking member of The Fellowship. All final decisions are executed within his authority and responsibility. It is the guild leaders responsibility to be for the members, not himself. It is also his responsibility to initiate and finalize any formal motion to despose of officers that are in contrary to the precepts of The One Fellowship. It is the leaders burden to delegate, execute, and be held responsible for all other actions in and of the guild. Also the leader will be obliged to abandon his position to a successor upon unanimous vote of his disposal, defined by the members of the guild. Finally, the leader will define any ambiguities within these precepts of the guild.

Article #2; Second in authority only to the leader are the first and second officers. They speak with full authority in the guild. These officers, with the leader, are the only members empowered to disband other members from The One Fellowship. Yet, these officers exist to serve the members of The One Fellowship.

Article #3; Rank and delegated authority will follow in a descending numerical order of officers, beginning with Fourth officer. Officers of the Fourth rank and below have the opportunity for promotion and demotion upon the decision of the Leader and First and Second officers. The number of officers will be Ten, to be changed only with good cause.


These articles here do define the rights of all members of The One Fellowship, not excluding the Leader or Officers.

Article #1; All members have the right to a democratic proceeding. These members also have the right to have all reasonable motions recognized, and or discarded by, popular, electoral, and majority vote as the situation demands.

Article #2; All members have the right to enjoy all of the benefits of the guild. These include assistance, co-operation, activities, and comraderie. These however, by no means limit the benefits ti be enjoyed.

Article #3; Members have the right to have any candidate considered for membership in The One Fellowship. This being the only way to enter the guild. Also members have the right to leave the guild without sanction or harrasment ant any time.


This final section of articles declares and defines the responsibilities of the members.

Article #1; It is the first and foremost priority of every member to put the goals and precepts of The One Fellowship first in all of their actions. Any infringement and the members will be held responsible, up to their own disbanding from The One Fellowship.

Article #2; It is the responsibility of each member to remain active in the guild, including meetings and all guild activities within reason.

Article #3; It is the responsibility of members of The One Fellowship never to tarnish, mar, or discredit, the name of The Fellowship, and what it represents in the above precepts. In conclusion, we the founders do wish all good fortune & enjoyment upon all those now and to become joined in The Fellowship.

Signed and ratified,
Bairn, Erudite Wizard of his 16th season
Yankorea, High Elf Magician of his 13th season

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