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Inventory Skills AA Languages Spellbook

Missdeath - Level 6 High Elf Paladin - Tunare. GuildID: 122.
Base Stats: STR: 65 STA: 90 CHA: 90 DEX: 70 INT: 92 AGI: 85 WIS: 100.

Ear 1 Golden Ear Stud
Face Split Paw Hide Mask
Ear 2 Vah Shir Claw Earring
Neck Black Iron Medallion
Shoulder Frozen Mantle
Arms Small Cloth Sleeves
Back Spider Fur Cloak
Wrist 1 Netted Kelp Bracelet
Hands Earthen Gauntlets
Primary Messenger of the Queen
Chest Foreman's Tunic
Legs Small Cloth Pants
Waist Straw Spun Belt
General 1 Bread Cakes*
General 2 Skin of Milk
General 3 Deluxe Toolbox
General 3 Contents Mithril Greaves
General 3 Contents Sturdy Grimling Mining Pick
General 3 Contents Crystal Grinder
General 3 Contents Shard of Darkness
General 3 Contents Inlaid Jade Hoop
General 3 Contents Giant Warrior Helmet
General 4 Deluxe Toolbox
General 5 Deluxe Toolbox
General 5 Contents Cloak of the Ry`Gorr Oracles
General 5 Contents Ring of Frost
General 5 Contents Chipped Bone Bracelet
General 5 Contents Embroidered Black Cape
General 5 Contents Imbued Golden Plains Earring
General 5 Contents Iksar Scaled Gloves
General 5 Contents Polished Bone Bracelet
General 5 Contents Vhal`Sera Skull Earring
General 5 Contents Crystalline Belt
General 6 Deluxe Toolbox
General 7 Deluxe Toolbox
General 7 Contents Jaded Electrum Bracelet
General 7 Contents Flayed Skin Boots
General 7 Contents Savant's Cap
General 7 Contents Black Lace Sash
General 7 Contents Journeymen's Pitchatka
General 7 Contents Rusty Warhammer
General 7 Contents A Shimmering Orb
General 7 Contents Runebranded Stone Buckler
General 7 Contents Orc Fang Earring
General 8 Drolvarg Mantle
Bank 1 Deluxe Toolbox
Bank 1 Contents Velium Short Sword
Bank 1 Contents Sarnak Great Cleaver
Bank 1 Contents Velium Short Sword
Bank 1 Contents Goblin Juntah Harvester
Bank 1 Contents Sturdy Grimling Mining Pick
Bank 1 Contents Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets
Bank 1 Contents Electrum Cat Eye Bracelet
Bank 2 Deluxe Toolbox
Bank 2 Contents Spectral Shroud
Bank 2 Contents Crystal Covered Shroud
Bank 2 Contents Executioners Hood
Bank 2 Contents Walrus Tooth
Bank 2 Contents Ulthork Hide Gloves
Bank 2 Contents Dragoon Dirk
Bank 2 Contents Wraith Bone Hammer
Bank 2 Contents Grobb Hide Mask
Bank 2 Contents Wraith Bone Hammer
Bank 3 Deluxe Toolbox
Bank 3 Contents A Shovel
Bank 3 Contents Murph's Minin' Torch
Bank 3 Contents Crystallized Blade
Bank 3 Contents Blackened Mace
Bank 4 Deluxe Toolbox
Bank 4 Contents Hammer of Silent Screams
Bank 4 Contents Giant Militia Longsword
Bank 4 Contents Giant Militia Longsword
Bank 4 Contents Iron Bound Tome
Bank 8 Deluxe Toolbox
Bank 8 Contents Drakkel Forged Bastard Sword
Bank 8 Contents Polished Steel Ulak
Bank 8 Contents Validus Custodus Battle Axe
Bank 8 Contents Torch
Bank 8 Contents Netherbian Unguis
Bank 8 Contents Festering Cloak
Bank 8 Contents Topaz Silver Necklace
Bank 8 Contents Moonstone Ring
Bank 8 Contents Woven Frost Giant Beard
Bank 9 Bandages
Bank 10 Woven Spider Silk
Bank 12 Deluxe Toolbox
Bank 12 Contents Sensate Reishi Lens
Bank 12 Contents Burynai Hide Tunic
Bank 12 Contents Spiny Great Staff
Bank 13 Bandages
Bank 15 Dagger of Dropping
Bank 16 Bat Wing
Shared Bank 1 Deluxe Toolbox
Shared Bank 1 Contents Bat Wing
Shared Bank 1 Contents Words of Collection (Beza)
Shared Bank 1 Contents Velishoul's Tome Pg.76
Shared Bank 1 Contents Spell: Wandering Mind
Shared Bank 1 Contents Rune of Howling
Shared Bank 2 Deluxe Toolbox
Money 6pp 2gp 8sp 0cp
Banked 2912pp 0gp 0sp 11cp
Shared 1562pp

1H Blunt 15
1H Slashing 7
2H Blunt 1
2H Slashing 1
Archery 1
Bind Wound 7
Bash 15
Defense 27
Hand To Hand 1
Offense 27
Piercing 14
Sense Heading 200
Swimming 3
Fishing 1
Baking 1
Tailoring 1
Fletching 1
Taunt 1

Alternative Advancement

Common Tongue 100
Elvish 100
Dark Elvish 33
Elder Elvish 33


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